ICOD for scientists


A strict and efficacious management of the project will guarantee, quality, respect of deadline and of the assigned budget.

The Project Management and the ICOD Dissemination Board together will oversee this communication plan to continuously ensure that the intended information is reaching the target audience in order to maximize the impact of the project. The ICOD Dissemination Board will disseminate the results of ICOD to relevant stakeholders. Audiences targeted by the ICOD project are the general public, the press, the public institutions, the medical & scientific community, the Down syndrome (DS) community, the pharmaceutical industry and investors.

Expected outcomes:

  • Publication of high-profile papers and communications to scientific and biotech meetings that will increase awareness on the use of CB1-SSi and AEF0217 for the treatment of cognitive impairment in neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Participate in activities of DS associations and general public events that will promote the development of novel treatments for intellectual disabilities.


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