About ICOD


The ICOD project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Perform the First-in-human clinical trials (Phase I) to evaluate safety and tolerability of AEF0217 in healthy volunteers and young adults with Down syndrome (DS) and explore biomarkers of target engagement.
  • Coordinate the first international multicentric Phase II clinical trial to prove the efficacy and safety of AEF0217 on cognitive impairment in DS and identify the adequate dose to be used in Phase III clinical trials.
  • Raise awareness on cognitive impairment and innovative therapeutic approaches in DS of the scientific, clinical, business and pharma communities and of individuals with DS and their families as well as the general public.
  • Participate in the Down syndrome Day events (March 21st) to discuss the most relevant findings of ICOD. We will organize workshops and interviews for families and associations in collaboration with the European Down Syndrome Association (EDSA) to promote face-to-face interaction with researchers of the ICOD project and others participants in the field of DS.